All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
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2001-10-14 22:25:33 (UTC)


last night was so crazy. i did some really stupid things.
at 8 i went to a punk show in the basement of the chapel.
my band had played with these guys before and i was glad it
was a free show cause i knew they would suck. they were a
bunch of sellout rockstars - he tuned his guitar every two
songs. their homemade album was $12 - what a ripoff. the
drummer asked for the sound guy to turn up the guitar and
bass in his monitor - maybe he should have taken his
earplugs out first, what a dummy. a friend of mine and i
started a pit which actually was pretty pathetic cause
there was only about 5 of us jumping around. oh well we
had fun. after that we went over to one of the girls'
dorms and hung out there for a bit. everyone was falling
asleep so i made them come to the snack shop with us.
someone ordered a bunch of food and let me mooch of them.
i got paid 5 bucks to walk up to some random people playing
foosball and lick off a ping pong ball covered in sour
cream. it was definitely worth it. we got in a food fight
with french fries too. around 1am we headed back to the
girls' dorm. i did a bunch of stunts that are probably
right out of the mtv show, jacka**. i rode my bike full
speed into a shrubbery. that resulted in a big
scratch/bruise on my leg and a giant rip in my pants.
i "molested" some little pine trees too. basically, i ran
up to them and jumped on them. what can i say, it was fun.