Joshin Jane

2001-10-14 22:05:37 (UTC)

wasted words

we lie perfectly still,
our toes squirming lazily along the broken, rough tops of
grass blades.
the clouds are puffed to perfection;
if we were to penetrate them with a thumbtack,
foamy sweetness would melt over us.
i roll my eyes back into my head, trying to cast a glance
in his direction,
but his face is hidden in sunlight.
he looks so beautiful, calm and sleeping,
and i would kiss him now if i could reach.
my fingers roam his body, scratching his stomach as if he
were a cat.
his eyes blink open.
our eyes lock for a moment, he kisses my temple, and sleep
gathers him once more.
the sun has been brilliant all day, but a breeze is blowing,
and shivers running up and down my spine lose their footing
amongst the vertebrae and make me shudder.