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2001-10-14 21:39:26 (UTC)

it's been too long.

I have had virtually no creative output in the last little
while. I hardly draw, i rarely write, and frankly i'm
feeling a little down about it. It's not like I don't have
the time, I simply don't make the time.

I'm also feeling very stupid, as thought I've developed
temporary dyslexia. I'm constantly rearranging letters in
words, forgetting what I'm doing in the middle of doing it
and mistyping everything.

So I'm starting work this tuesday, I've never had a real
job before so this is a real leap for me. I'm looking
forward to the experience, but I'm looking forward to the
money more. My boss seems to be really nice and not
jackassy like so many are. Then again, there are very few
people that I can't get along with, so that might be part
of it.

In other news, I've gotten fat! aaaah! Well, fatter anyway.
Okay, so I'm not a blob of flab by any means, but I think I
need to start exercising. I'm just so lazy and that
absolutely has to change. I have to fit a job, school,
social life, a relationship, exercise and music into my
schedule. It'll be hard and I really need to reinforce
myself. Unfortunately, when it comes to being organized, I
am soo not self-motivated. Perhaps if i got one of dem
fancy electronic organizers... nahhh... i have to use a
planner. :( plain old paper.

So yesterday, I went with my friend Derek down to First on
Granville so he could get his eyebrow pierced, he took it
like a man and didn't even flinch... while i was holding
his hand. ;) All day we carried around an effigy of his
friend who couldn't join us on our venture but wanted to.
The sock puppet chris got his picture taken with a bunch of
homeless people and the piercer. At the Rock Shop i ran
into the guy who saved my life at Summersault last year, to
thank him, I got him to take a picture with sock-chris.

Last night, I went and saw Iron Monkey which was entirely
my boyfriend's choice to see, but I ended up loving it.
It's a great story with some killer kung-fu. The action is
nonstop but not unneccesary. There's even a workable plot!

Well, I guess that's about it... I have a bit of homework
to do... fekking psych and earth science, always sucking my
will to live... heh.

Song of the Moment: Dropkick Murpheys-- The Spicy McHaggis

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