Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2001-10-14 21:03:40 (UTC)

It's not fair

******When I awake in morning to tha sound of traffic.
I fall to sleep nite to tha after affect of stattic.
I dear of memories of rape and presecution.
They say I have nothing to live for, but have me and my mother. I have tried all my to make livable without help from anyone. Tha result is that I am being wrongfully presicuted.

My live has always a place where, if anything can go wrong it will. Until four months ago, I was lied on presecuted, rape, lied on, and tortched. He'll be back as soon as tha heat wears off. I don't feeling all that well, becuase I'm worried and tired all tha time. I live in a place where my name is known statewide.

Sometime I get stressed out and I have out burst. They presecute becuase talk to my myself. Well, my cousin and my aunt eats sh** off, of my mother's sister's boyfriend's little empotent pecker. Tha neighborhood is being led against me by them.

I swear sometime my cousin grabbing from behind and having sex with me. He thinks it's funny, but it is not, I swear. He hasn't been seen since his last sperm drop.

They missed delivered my package, now I'm afraid to recieve anything by mail, tha war and all.