Ashley's Such a Girl
2001-03-07 21:10:43 (UTC)

Hello, welcome to Another day..

Hello, welcome to Another day in the life of ashley. lol!
I'm talkin' to mitch on-line right now, he's such a cutie
with a bootie! (I hope I can say that here, I didn't see
any terms of service or n e thing!) Anyways, Katie's still
sick, I'm getting worried. I think I might call her l8ter,
but she's @ her dad's and they don't have a phone yet so
actually I'd be callin' her dad's cell and since she's sick
she could be @her grams.. I dunno. Oh, softball signups r
2night, I know i'm gonna sign up!! I haven't played since
the 3rd grade, so I'm sure my "skills" totally suck!! But,
softball is a great way to keep up with the girls, so I
decided to join the team (thank god there aren't any try-
outs!) What else........ Oh, alex told me I was a , well,
not a very nice thing. And he's just a gross grob of slime
to me. I dunno if he's trying to flirt with me or
somethin?? I dunno.......hope not though!! Oh, jenny and
lauren just IMed me, guess they're aren't fightin' N E
more! :) Um.. JT and corrine are dating, think I forgot to
mention that! This is getting long, I g2g!
-luv Ashley