enigmatic contemplation
2001-10-14 20:46:05 (UTC)

soo long, so much to say

Its been a few months since my last entry. Well to make a
quick update, stefani is no longer here, she left to
chicago september the 21st, i went to chicago with her for
the summer and i got into some trouble. Got involved with
an "involved" man. Did some things i regret terribly and
some things that made me change for the better. I am still
very much into seduction, but i do it for J now, and J
only. I havent spoken to B in a few weeks. Last time we
spoke he went on and on about how much he missed me and
the "good ol days" - not like we will ever get those back.
I dont think i will be going to the UK next summer, but
roger might be coming for a visit soon. There was a
terrorist attack on america and it was pretty scary. The
twin towers in NYC are gone, they hit the pentagon and
crashed a plane in pennslyvania on Sept 11th. We are at war
now with afghanistan and a man named Usama Bin Laden. So in
short, life is pretty hectic and kind of back to normal.

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