2001-10-14 20:18:19 (UTC)

What We Used to Be

As I walked in the room
I couldn't forget
about the day
that we first met.

We started to talk
we got along great,
I kept waiting for you
to ask me on that first date.

We went on that date
and had a great time,
I could only imagine
the day you'd be mine.

You asked me out
I (of course) said yes.
How could I be so lucky?
I couldn't even guess.

So things were going great
at least I thought they were,
until that one night
I saw you looking at her.

You promised nothing happened
and I believed you too,
but then later on that night
you said we were through.

You broke up with me online
you couldn't even do it to my face,
all I could think was
Did someone else take my place?

I tried to get over you,
told myself I didn't care,
but the feelings I have for you
are so very rare.

I've never felt like this
about a guy before,
So I told myself
I won't have relationships anymore.

I don't think you know
how much you've affected me,
I wish we'd get back together
and see how things would be.

But I know that that won't happen,
this I've come to see,
So I guess I'll have to settle for
remembering what we used to be.