2001-10-14 20:14:29 (UTC)

Just Cause I Loved You

The one you needed most
was standing here all along.
You didn’t realize what you had,
until it was gone.

I could come back,
but only if you want me too.
I could come back,
but only if you love me too.

I was in love,
with someone who didn’t notice me.
I was in love,
but you didn’t seem to see.

I’m sorry I made that choice,
sorry I took that chance.
I’m sorry for my mistake,
I thought this was a romance.

Sorry for my high hopes,
but I needed you.
You love me now that I’m gone,
so what are you going to do?

I don’t think it’s fair.
You hurt me like I’ve never been hurt before.
Now I’m supposed to forgive you,
but I can’t do this anymore.

So if you really love me,
then prove to me that you do.
Because I’ve waited so long and was hurt,
just cause I loved you.