shifting mists
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2001-10-14 20:08:04 (UTC)

people who deliberately hurt people ...

Written by Susie on Sun Oct 14 2001 01:55 SOI time

i believe with all my heart that when a person sets out to
deliberately hurt another person they should know... in the
short run, they may be effective. they may bring tears or
even shame .... but ultimately those kinds of people hurt
themselves and their own spirits far more than they hurt
the spirit of the person they aimed at whose tears dry and
shame is recovered from. but the individual who gets their
pleasure out of causing pain to another for no other reason
than to cause pain while meeting some sick need of their
own... that individual isn't ever going to to be okay. any
glory they feel in their moment of snide pleasure is just
going to feed an emptiness inside them that will never be
filled. eventually, that snide pleasure will eat up all
shreds of character leaving only a hollow gaunt black hole
in the cosmos of humanity.

and i'll not feel sorry for them at all. *sighs* i feel
better now.

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