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2001-10-14 19:59:32 (UTC)

Sunday, October 14, 2001 (243pm)

It's been a very intersting weekend. I didn't get much
done, but it was laid back. On Friday night, Denai and I
went to Target then I got into some winecoolers before
going to visit Dai. He had a friend over, so we didn't stay
long. I was glad we left because I was starting to feel

After that we went to a party on 19th. It was Wyatt, Jarod,
his groups of friends, and Denai. I did not feel very
comfortable because I hardly knew anyone plus, I wasn't
getting drunk. It's all about that! So, I just left early
and came to the dorms to hang out. Since it was Late Night,
there was hardly anyone out. It was rather boring. Somehow,
I wished Justin were here.

Saturday was another laid back day. We went to the football
game with the guys down the hall. KU really does suck at
football, but oh well, I'm still proud of my team!

I chatted with J for about 10 minutes before going to the
game. He didn't want to come down. I wonder what he really
thinks. Dang, he is the laziest guy I have ever met! Maybe
it's Elijah who really spoiled me, since he would always be
there for me no matter what. I really liked that about
Elijah and I guess now I expect every guy to the the same.

Last night, Josh showed up and we just hung out together.
It was boring, but at least I had company and a person to
talk to. :) He cracks me up! He left at around 3 after he
got a call from Christina. I hope nothing happened last
night with them! He better call me and tell me what
happened! Or not, I just called and his mom (what a beach!)
got on the phone and said he was going to be sick the whole
day so I should call tomorrow. How sucky!

It's Sunday and I havent' gotten anything done yet. What a
prick! I cannot concentrate and get started on my homework.
I have so much reading to do! ;)

I hope Justin gets back today. It's about time. I really
miss him, but I am going to start keeping my distance. I am
going let him come to me. It's the way it should work
because I don't want to be all over him. That would really

Something just flashed in my head when I woke up. After all
J is not a bad guy at all. Looking back to what we were
doing and what he had done so far, his actions are
understandable. :)