2001-10-14 19:43:12 (UTC)

hmmm, could Tomasso be real?

it occured to me the other night, while all my roomates
were out and i was suffering from hallucinations in bed,
and i was gettin down with tomasso that i am basing
tomasso's physical appearance on someone very real. oh yes.
this person is a boy who was in my intermidiate italian
class, which i switched out of after one day. when he
walked in, i willed him to sit in the seat in front of me,
we made eye contanct and he plopped down right in front of
me. how perfect he was. tall long body that just collapsed
in the seat but not skinny, athlectic and blond and
preetttttttyyy eyes. and the teacher paired us together to
talk to eachother, asking getting to know you questions in
italian, and present the other person to the class. he was
from boston and we got into an immedaite rivalry,
as he is a red sox fan and i am a yankee fan. but it was a
cute rivalry. and i dont know why i switched out of that
goddamn class. but yes, that is what imaginary tomosse was
unconscuosuly modeled after...
so maybe by the grace of god i will run into him at a bar
or something yeah he is probably
holed up with a different girl every night. a girl can
dream tho.