My Life.............
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2001-10-14 19:30:08 (UTC)

Saturday night.........wooohoooo!!!

we went out saturday, late though, it was still fun, we
went to a bar i had never gone to before, oh my gosh the
people!.LOL people were dancing, and talking, it was so
great! this guy was dancing by himself, he ws so cute, then
he like unbuckled his pants and was dancing by this lady at
our table.LOL then he got up on out table and started
dancing, i couldnt believe it.LOL he was so cute!! i want
to go to that bar again...LOL
oh, i have my aim back, and Jeff is on my list, i didnt
think id be able to get back to my old account but i did!!
now, i just hope that he didnt block me from seeing him, i
told him i deleted it, so he wont know if im on or not.LOL
i hope i get to see when hes online, that would be so
great!!!!!! i cant wait till Monday, he will be back and i
know he uses the messenger, im all excited!!!!:) of course
i wont send him a message, i wait till people send me
first, if i do it first i feel like im bothering people.LOL

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