My Deepest Thoughts
2001-10-14 19:16:59 (UTC)


Dear Whoever,
Well, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is
Jennifer & I'm 11 years old. I'm usually just called Jen or
Jenny. I live Paradise Valley, Arizona in USA. Welcome to
my wild world of secrets, thoughts, gossip, happiness,
sadness, and bedlam. I will be telling you everything I
know about me, my friends, family, pets, & more. This my
friend, is NOT your average diary. This is my life people!
So listen becuz no 1 else will!
The reason I can't keep a REAL diary with pages u write on,
is becuz of my sister. In 3rd grade, I tried keeping a real
diary. She found out I was keeping a diary, & came in2 MY
room & searched the place. She was 11 then. It makes NO
difference now tho. Now she's a hyper & gossipy 13 year old
girl. AH! If she found a real diary of mine now, she'd pour
out my deepest secrets & thoughts 2 the whole entire
school! It's hard enuf keeping secrets from her as it is.
All the people that know what my dream is now laugh @ me
already. U ask how could it be worse? I COULD BE GEEK &
LAUGHING STOCK OF THE SCHOOL! That's much worse. It's not
like I have a big ego now tho. Anywho, my dream is to be a
drummer in a alternitive rock, alternitive, rock, punk, or
punk rock band. I wanna be famous & kick ass. Well, I know.
1000s of people dream of fame & riches. & most of them try
their whole life to make it & they never do. I'm sick of
those stupid crappy stories. Look @ the people that DID
make it. They were just average kids with big dreams like
me. Ok a few problems tho. I suck @ reading music & I can't
understand it. That's what a 1/2 decent music teacher is 4
tho! & mum promised to get me lessons. But who knows
what'll happen with what's going on in my family now.
Stupid parents r talking bad behind each other's backs &
they want a devorice (or however the hell u spell it).
They're totally screwing up my preteen years with their
crap. I mean, these r supposed to be the fun years of my
life. Well, u can go ahead & laugh @ my dream & my
problems, but u'll see. I'll make it. & I'll type in this
along the way. Enjoy this 1st entry. Bye!