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2001-10-14 18:57:40 (UTC)

well what can i say... weekend was filled with lots of tearts. i just have
been feeling lots of lonliness and its hard to explain why.
im not just not clicking really with my school friends but
inkow that it will happen. and then one of my friends told
me that i had no life cuz i cant get over my camp friends
and that really hurt my feelings and she made me feel like a
total loser.. but she does that a lot to me so im used to it
by now... i also really wanna lose weight i feel so fat.. im
gonna try to really not eat as much and jsut watch my
portions cuz i wanna lose like 40 pounds or somehting i
wanna be thing i dont wanna look in the miror and feel fat
or be disgusted by the way i look or wish that i could fit
into a size zero extra small and just be happy with me. im
not at that point of happiness yet but i hope i get there
soon by losing some weight!
not many people read this i dont think but if you do send me
feedback! thanks