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2001-10-14 18:09:31 (UTC)


Hey was' up? Not much of anything here. watching road rules
and vegging. I finally got r to put the tv in here so i can
veg out totally. Now i will never leave this room! Bought
lots of stuff this weekend as usual. New Nelly Furtado cd,
missy elliott cd, blu cantrell cd, glitter lamp, "all the
pretty horses" dvd, what else? um black house by king, cant
remember what else..ive spent too much money. Why cant i
stop!!!! why? because it makes me feel better! why do i
have such a disgusting life? why why why....oh got a new
playboy dress and playboy shirt. why is my diary so
boring? why is mylife so boring? because it is what i make
of it. and that explains it all.....bella