Innocent Girl, Interrupted
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2001-10-14 16:38:28 (UTC)

Saturday - 10.13.01 // Sunday - 10.14.01

Yesterday, I stayed at home alone until about 4, and then
Jared got off work and came to pick me up. We went to his
house so he could shower and change, and his mom was like,
all trying to feed me soup and get me to watch some movie
w/ her. Thank God Jared saved me... he came in there and
was like "Umm... can you come download something for me
while I'm in the shower?" So I was like, "sure!" And stayed
in his room online until he was out of the shower. It's not
that I'm afraid of parents, but his mom is a little
psycho... seriously.

So anyway, we ended up going into Rivergate, which is the
next town over and has all the fun stuff. We went to Toys R
Us and played for a while, and then had Krystal's for
dinner. It was only 7 by then, and I didnt have to be home
until 11:30, so we came back and went to the park. It was
raining all night, which sorta sucked. We were just laying
there in his truck and hugging for the longest time, and
ended up getting pretty intimate. I didnt want to leave
him. I felt so safe and loved, and that's something I need.
Jared needs it too. He's never been so close to anyone in
his life, and I think it's part of what triggered his
depression last year. Everyone needs someone.

Once we got back to my house, he came in to say hey to my
mom for a little bit. We're in the process of getting him
and my mom to talk more. See, last year after Jared and me
were very close and had lost it over the summer, he was
talking to my mom alot online, in hopes to get me to come
back. He ended up slipping up a little, and telling my mom
some of his suicidal thoughts, which scared her. My mom is
a really kool person & I'm incredibly close to her, but she
doesnt understand what Jared and me have. She thought for a
long time that he was dangerous and was willing to put a
restraining order against him coming near me. She now finds
it hard to believe he's changed even the slightest bit, but
since he and I have become so close, he has. He seems a lot
better than he did last year, and I'm proud of him for it.

Jared and me are able to have fun ANYWHERE we go. We go to
K-Mart and Wallmart b/c we can spend hours in there
laughing at cards, playing in the toy isles, trying on
Halloween costumes. We can spend hours in Spencers playing
w/ everything in sight, coming up w/ new inside jokes
around every corner... even stores that suck we have fun
in. For example, Krogers... ohh, a food store, what kind of
fun can you have in there? Sword fights w/ bread, pushing
each other up and down the food isles in a cart... we can
make a game out of anything, anywhere.

Today, I dont think I'm really going to go anywhere. I woke
up this morning feeling really weak, so I stayed home from
church. I think report cards come out tomorrow so, I'm
hoping for some good grades. I worked pretty hard this
semester and tried to turn in extra credit and everything.
I believe this week is homecoming week too. The only days
I'm going to participate in are PJ Day, Dress Up Day, and
Spirit Day. Well... I guess I'll participate in Spirit Day,
anyway. Each grade has a particular colour to wear that
day, and the Jr's are "gold"... or yellow. Our team is the
Yellow Jackets so... our colours really suck. Heck, our
school sucks. I havent been to a football game this year
b/c I was working at the beginning of the school year, and
then after I had quit we had a bunch of away games so... I
think I'll go to the homecoming game this Friday. Football
games are fun to go to. As for sitting there like a loser
and watching the game... no. I just go to run around crazy.

I'm hoping this week turns out well. I have to stay after
some days and practice my prose for drama b/c we have
competitions coming up. Last year, I competed in 4
competitions. One, I got 6th place in duet acting w/ Allie.
We did "My Best Freind's Wedding." I was Kimmy, and she
was "Jules." Then, we took that piece to another
competition, but it was so hard, we didnt get anything.
Then, we made an awesome come back and got 2nd place in
district for "15 And Pregnant." I was the pregnant teen,
and she played my mom. We made it to state! We didnt place
in state... talk about some tough competition. But this
year, I'm doing a solo prose of "Girl, Interrupted" and
she's doing some psycho skit in solo acting.

Drama is a hobby I absolutely love! I can escape into
another person... another world... I can express my anger
in different pieces... it's just awesome. Jared is doing
improv w/ Allie this year. She's an improve obsesser, and
Jared has never been to a competition, but he's good in
improv b/c he was in my Theatre class last year & we acted
together. I would definently love to do a duo interp piece
w/ him next year. He and I connect so well, we could
definetly work off each other in drama.

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