Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-14 15:46:13 (UTC)

Drips of melted sarrow on to a bottle !

Hey everyone~
Sup ? Not much here ! OK sorry I didn't write yesterday but
I was at Cedar Point all day !!!!!! OK I have alot to
share ! First : Friday night after I watched Dark Angel I
got online and when I did Steph IM'ed me and told me that
Adam got hurt and was in the hospital for 3days ! and then
I thought back to 3 days before friday which was tuesday
which is right around when Adam and I had a fight ! And So
I feel so bad about him getting hurt ! I feel like it was
partly my fault cause I was such a bitch to him ! Adam if
you are reading this I am SO SORRY ! PLEASE FORGIVE ME !!!!
and after I got offline I felt so sad and pissed off ( at
myself) I went and made this really cool thing where you
take a empty wine bottle and light a candle and then melt
crayons over the candle and drip wax on the bottle ! It
looks so cool !But when I make them when I am upset it feels
my problems are going out of me and dripping on to the bottle.
OK so that was friday and then yesterday
Sat.: I had to be at church at 6:30 am and we drove down to
Cedar point ! We got there at like 11:30 and went in ! We
had so much fun ! When we were in line for the Raptor I was
talking to this guy who was pretty hot ! He was 16 and I
got to know him pretty well cause we were in line with him
for an hour ! haha! So anyways him name was tyler and he
was actually from Michigan ! He and his friend Jake came
down for the day and they live in kalamazoo Michigan
(sp?) . So anyways he thought I was like 16 but I am not !
He was so funny and when we were talking I said something
to my friend like " I want one of those stuffed Elephants
if we ever get out of the this line ! " . and then we got
on the Raptor it was so much fun ! :) ! I loved it !
haha ! then after the ride we said bye to Tyler and Jake
and they were like " Oh I am sure we will see you again
Marissa ! Later! " and I waslike " ok bye " then like 2
hours later we ran into them and they each had an elephant
for me and my friend ! How cute is that?! It was so
funny ! and Tyler was like " here you go ! Thanks for
making that hour in line a blast ! You are so cool ! " and
we actually exchanged screen names and I am talking to him
now online ! but yea it was so funny! And then we were in
line for some other ride and this guy ahead of us ( he was
like 45) started talking to us and I swear he was drunk
cause he told us his whole life story ! haha ! and then at
one point he was like " do you know whats happend to me
that probably hasn't happend to anyone else ?" and I was
like " Got struck by lightning ?" and we started laughing
so hard ! cause he must have been drunk !
We left the park around 8:30pm. and didn't get back till
like 1:30 am.cause we stopped on the way home ! And I
didn't get home till like 2:00am. then I went straight to
bed and my mom woke me up at 8 to go to church and I was
like " I am not going !!!!!!!!! " and so I am at home and
they are all at church ! I am going to go back to bed now!
So I gotta bounce !!!!
P.S: Pray for adam ! Adam if you are reading this I am
sorry ! and I love you regaurdless of who I like here I
will always love you !