oddly interesting?
2001-10-14 15:33:03 (UTC)

a long night...believe me

10.14.01 (( 11.22 am
ahh so tired! sorry i couldnt type a new entry
yesterday. i was in PA with my parents and sisters and mah
brother. we left at like 3:30 pm and got there (my grandma
and grandpa's house) at like 7:30 pm...the traffic was so
bad. we were supposed to like get there in 2 hours but like
we sat in 2 hour traffic...they closed the whole highway
and made us take a detour to get back on our route.
pssh... like a mile back it said accident ahead, and when
we finally made a mile in an hour there was NOTHING
there...omg stupid idiots.... AHHHH OMG I TYPED MORE NO WAY...ugh it
took me a long time to type the message i typed. but the rest of it
didnt show up. ANYWAY what i said what this:

omg rofl kare wants me to finish Hermione's Story, but i dont want to
(i told her that) omg this guy named matt gave my inspiration for my
other story called *A Diary Full Of Dreams* =D wait lemme see what he
wrote: Dear [email protected]

Thank you for your response and i am glad that you mentioned that
their will be other characters in the next chapters. Also i think
that is a good idea to have the story end up
with at chapter 20. If you are going to write a sequel please what
do you think the title of the sequel will be called? And also the
girl's little sister i think should be mentioned more in the story
and she should be in more chapter's as well. Anywhy i think you are
doing a great job with your story and please i hope you dont stop
writing it because you have great talent.

aint he shweet? okay here's what he wrote like a month ago to me: I
have read your story and i think it is amazing. You have great
talent and your writing is very well written. I just love the idea of
the story of a "Muggle" or in other words "Human Being" writing in
her diary and she accidentally loses it. I also love the idea that
Harry and Ron and Hermione discover it and they read it and then
there is a painc in the wizarding world. The first two chapters of
your story were fabulous. Also when is the third chapter going to
come out and how many chapters will this story have because I would
really like to know how the Climax ends. Also will there be any
chance that you will right a counting story after this one when you
get the chance to finish it. Also will their be any other characters
that you see later in the story such as Sirius or Remus or Voldemort
and Peter or any other interesting characters from the one-four Harry
Potter series. If so i would really and appreciate if you by any
chance and you can e-mail me back for your answer's.

lol =D..hmmmm if only more people were like him!! ahh i had the
weirdest dream the other night... well i was like somehow part of the
hp movie (i dunno who tho) and like i was best friends with emma
(hermione) and the cast had to MODEL... how sick is that? lol well
FEETSIES!! lol... anyway when we got into the theatre i got to mess
with the lights ^^ and like in my school if you opened your locker
there was a secret passage way you could go through to get to the
movie. i dont see how we got through because the lockers are TINY!
rofl but my brothers walker woke me up... hillary told me if i saw
the movie in my dream it would be fucked up...rofl

ahh yesterday hillary asked why i made kandi the hufflepuff quidditch
captain. i told her cause kandi wanted to. and she told me sab was
and she was pissed. and i replied like this: sab didnt do anything,
kandi is actually making uniforms and practice times and then i had
to go to pa. its not like i hate sabrina, its just the way she acts
on palace. I KNOW ITS JUST PALACE, i cant help it though i want to be
a god again...and there she is cursing and talking about well stuff
you might not want to hear... .