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Emo Violence
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2001-10-14 14:36:29 (UTC)


its 10.30 and im eating a hamburger and velvetta, what the
hell, its so damn early, why did i think it was like 1??
weird, i thought i broek the computer cause i thought
hibernate was sleep but apparently its like permanant shut
down, but it works now. im watching clerks too.

i still need to fill out those applicaitons and that
stuff. i need a job, especially if i want to start shows
again, i have 40 spendable dollars left and that doesnt
count my saved turntable/show rent money. so yeah. i need
a job.

alicia and jarred are so fucked up, damn she should dump
him so bad, hes SOO bad for her. and so bad to her. he
fuckin ruined her sweet 16 party. thats asshole city.

well im gonna go.

all i ever think about, in the past 2 days is how jim can
drive me to school, im prolly on the way, and hey, hes
fuckin adorable, and fuck the bus, and christine for that

im out.