2001-10-14 14:19:27 (UTC)

Je dois partir maintenant

Come back from Camden yesterday, long week tried me out,
now completely fagged from mad shopping dash, spent too
much money on a pair of boots BUT they do make me feel sexy
so they were probably worth every penny.
Going to godmother's house at about 6 this evening, staying
for a week so that I can commute up to Canary Wharf where
I'm doing work experience with the Daily Telegraph
(*ooh*). Will have lots of fun, Matt is turning 16 on
tues. so apparently we're going out with his friends tues.
night, which will be fun. I'm sharing Matt's room with
Hannah, while Matt is going to Hannah's room and Richard is
a lucky little sprog and doesn't have to go anywhere.
Anyway so I won't be able to update this diary or my
website for a week, which *sob* will be so *terrible*
(sarcasm) as noone reads it anyway. I hope. So I will go
ring Toby and Sarah just before I go.