2001-10-14 14:07:25 (UTC)

Ice Game.

when i think about it
think about this gay ass shit
when u come crawlin back to me
i wont be there u see
so dont play me for a fool
because later u wont have anything to do
nothing to say
and it cant be that way

i think last night was interesting. my friend rachel had me
drive her friends and herself all over the place. but i got
to see part of hardball for free!!! haha. i have to teach at
sunday school in about 10 minutes. woohoo. haha, i dont
teach, i just help the teacher out. its for service hours
for my school. and since im a senior, i need to get my ass
out there and do me some service. (ladies? J/K!!!) yeah, ok,
oh yeah, good charlotte, #7...GOOD ASS SONG. anyways, my
punk ass is out for now, leave me a message or somethin.