Thug Girl In Tha SouthSide
2001-03-07 16:48:06 (UTC)

March 5,2001 Today I woke up..

March 5,2001

Today I woke up to the sun in my face ,which ment i was 1
hour late for my NEW job.But I guess it's ok my mom tried
to turn her car in because she has been having problems
with it.But she has very bed credit so she just turned in
her 92 nissan maxima in for a 99 buick sentra It' an alrigt
car but not somthing I would of got!Well today I ran into
someone very unexpectedly,it was the guy I had lost my
virginity to.I dident know what to say or what to expect,I
never thought I would run into him again!I had a real
nevious feeling in my stomach I had no idea of how to act.I
was chilling out side with my homeboy sunny p and blue then
thats when tyson and a.j pulled up.We where smoking a blunt
so they stayed and chilled.He was trying to holla at me but
I dident even want to do anything with him because I'm a
one time one I'll give you 1 time and thats it.But tyson
ran my homegirl hot,she asked him for a ride to the store
and he said that if he gave her a ride she had to let his
home boy fuck.So she got pest off and burnt off.I was
talking shit to tyson because I bairly met her and they are
talkin are crazy to her and disrespecting her.But I just
told them they had to go.But after that i was blowed so I
just came inside to go to sleep.