Mystic Haven
2001-10-14 13:50:45 (UTC)

One Week Scars

I'm new to this whole thing!! Decided that I needed some
private way to get my inner soul on paper, and try to
express some things. I'm not the one to talk to a person
(ie counsellor) or any of that.

It's been exactly one week ago today since I made the
foolish mistake of trying to slit my wrist (which i totally
scratched my arm up). I didn't want to die. I did it to
take out anger, rid my depressed and saddened state!! Now,
as I look back with the scab still their....i realize how
hard it has been to try & hide it everyday @ school and
from my family who has no idea what's going on!! I don't
like to let my emotions out (only 2 my best friend). And I
regret doing it!! It'll probably leave some ugly scar
that'll be their for the rest of my life. Next time, I'll
try something else..but it won't be KILLING MYSELF! :(

I'm missing my sister now too. She lives away & we are
really close. I won't get to see her until next summer :(
but I'm sure it won't be long going. School's going okay
(in general..) but sucks everyway else. The people are so
fake; so superficial(?) and just idiots for the most part.
They'll kiss you one minute and then go and do some so-
called "GOSSIP" about you behind your back!! Who are your
real friends? Are you being PLAYED?! I just hope you're
not...not like I am!

10.14.01 - 5pm