aris' thoughts
2001-10-14 12:26:04 (UTC)

rainy day

listening to the sounds of the rain fall, feelilng the
earth come to life i sit watching my children play with
mittens. energetic and young and i fall back to when i was
a child playing with my cat Thomas. my cat was my best
friend when i was about Rebeccas age cause i had no
brothers or sisters and then shortly after Thomas had died
is when i met Mel. a very nice memory and the sound of the
rain is soothing to listen to. Mistress has written!!! She
got my package finally and as i thought She enjoyed the
card. Mistress has eased my mind saying the im thing with
sis is over, i know it may seem hasty of me to have gotten
upset over the situation but i just felt it was being
abused and yes it took a tole on my Mistress mentality
hearing it day in day out, so i am very relieved it is
over. well, sighs.... my Devils lost again
and today is football day, Rebecca is going on an outing
with her scout troop and Danny is coming down to watch the
games with bob, *he is bringing his family*. it has been a
long while sense i have seen the whole family and am kind
of excited, not to see Noelle but the kids. Dannys
stepdaughter , Julia is a troubled kid who i really dont
trust and am happy is not here all the time like they used
to be cause she really has a very bad influence over my
Beck. glad Beck wont be home til about 6 tonight, they
might leave before she gets home, sounds terrible dont it?
well trust me its a good thing actually, just being a
loving protective mother i guess, maybe too

well this is all for today will write back tomorrow, oh am
very very much looking foward to the morning tomorrow, i
will see Mistress!!!! praying She comes on early ....smiles