Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-14 10:42:46 (UTC)

10-14 (still haven't slept since the 13th) -01

The dinner with Jon's mom and Phillis went well. We didn't
get to go out to a nice "dinner" because Jordan needed
extra help.. and the mom had to rush things so she could
help them...
So.. we're going to go out and do things the right way
another time.. but we still went out for a bite to eat
before she went to help Jordan.
I hope she likes me.. I think she and Phillis do... They
had me ride in the car with them on the way to the
resturant (and it's a 45min drive or so) and we talked
lots... and.. they seemed pretty receptive and kind.
But.. anyway...
I haven't been on here to update in the last few days
because I've been getting home so late (early) that I
haven't had time.

Jon and I have been spending all night at IHOP or in "the
field" (so called because it's a huge field with scattered
trees and woods behind it near ID's house) and... we've
been staying out as long as possible to spend lots of time

Things have been wonderful... Jon's done some incredible
things that I'm not going to post on here.. because it's
not something that I want the entire town of Hickory to
know... and since I know how the kids in Hickory are..
they're probably reading this every once in awhile to see
if they can catch some dirt on me to talk about. Gossip is
a rampant thing in Hickory.

So... things are going 10 times better than expected. It's
crazy.. when I was with Mike I had no idea that there was
anyone who treated their girlfriend with so much love,
honor, respect, courtesy, and the list goes on forever.
I'm so glad we gave this a chance.

Nothing has ever compared to the way we are together.
People that hardly know us sense this "glow" around us..
and tell us about how perfect we are together.. and it's
just scary to know that it radiates enough so that EVERYONE
sees it.

I haven't been this happy in a long time. I thought I had
forgotten how.
I used to have a very up beat personality.. and while I was
with Mike.. he just kinda drained me of my life, energy,
and passion. I feel so much BETTER now. So much more like
myself then some helpless drone. :D

Well.. that's enough for now. I really must go because I
have to get SOME sleep before I have work tomorrow.