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2001-10-14 09:45:37 (UTC)

cant sleep ... again

i dunno why but i seem to be havin problems sleepin again. i dont
really understand why i would be havin problems cus i mean theres
nothing right now that i would be stressin over or something.

i dont really have any problems that are like bothering me.

-ash and i are ok now. were talkin again.
-same thing goes for alex. things are back to normal w/ him.
-i know i cant say the same thing bout cailin, but things are
definitely going better so thats kewl
-my grades arent really that good, but im used to that.
-family's finally leaving me alone and hasnt bothered me for like a
while now.
-sxools like goin better like every day that passes. im actually
beginning to get used to this new sxool thing.

so whats wrong with me? why cant i sleep .... again?

why do i feel like cutting?

hmmm ... i like havin this diary. i can write stuff and not worry
bout what my friends would say cus they wont know about it. i still
have my other diary, and thats where i write stuff i can actually
say. i dont wanna worry my friends no more, thats why i dont write
what i really feel on that other diary. with this, even though i dont
really express my feelings, im at least still letting it out instead
of keepin it all bottled up inside. i guess im gonna keep this diary
for future use ... when i have something to hide.