freeze time to blossom eternally through
2001-10-14 08:52:19 (UTC)


geez, its been almost a whole week since ive written.
sorry. i know you are all just dying to see what happens
in my life. ok maybe not. but what a week i guess. i got
a strange box in the mail the other day. containing a dvd
and a lighter. it was from jerome. he kept telling me i
had to see LA confidential. so he just sent me the dvd
instead. it was so sweet. the lighter was from las
vegas. he went there earlier in the month and thats what
he got me.

i just got back from seeing bandits with margaret. this
was my second time seeing it. chad and i went to see it
the day it came out. i was so excited and it was such a
good movie!! its been awhile...yes it has. movies just
suck these days. well guess what? chad also bought me
some skater shoes. they are so cool. i love them. i cant
believe he got me them. he took me to the OG to eat today
and then we hung out with tammy. that annoying girl i work
with. well chad is friends with her. she wasnt that
bad...still bad, but just not as bad as that one night. i
dont think anyone will ever understand what the other 4
people went through with her.

joan and i are ok. off and on. i mean we havent talked
that much bc we havent had that much time. and then theres
mary. shes all sprung on me. i was like where was this
when we were first trying things out...she had some
interest in me back then....but not this much. theres so
much tension too between us. but its cool to talk to her
again. i love making her laugh.

and what about lisa and lara. well lara is trying to get
back with her babys dad. and lisa doesnt seem to care.
she ditched me today. shes been with lara all day even
though she made plans with me. she wants to fuck me over
thats fine. but when lara fucks her over...dont expect me
to be all sad and understanding and shit. so whatever. im
thinking about telling them i dont want to even go to
incubus. fuck it. i care too much for lisa to watch her
get fucked over...even if she doesnt care. id rather kick
it with someone else than them. oh well. im not in the
best mood bc i still have this damn phone bill i have to
pay. argh. a lot of people are lending me money thats great. :) i got some good friends. well
im off to bed...or to smoke...which ever i feel like. buh