2001-10-14 08:25:05 (UTC)

Strange Dreams.......

Mesmerized by my lovers eyes,beauty and grace.We move
closer together,drawing towards the heat of one
another.Eyes filled with fire,passion and wanton desire
stare into mine.Our fingers touch,then our palms,forehead
to forehead staring helplessly into each others souls.Our
arms pulling us tightly together.Lips touching in a sweet
kiss,tongues searching in pleasures dance.Bodies
grinding,writhing...no more beautiful site to behold than
that of lovers.
Cold chills run along the skin,it rises,nipples harden
fully erect.Touching,hands move along the body exploring
the skin.Oh the sweet softness,the flowered scent,so
delicately provocative.Finger tips,rolling and gently
pinching the protuding nipples.A small gasp from lovers
parted lips.Mouth to mouth kissing deeply,with great
abandonment.Fingers still traveling making their
descention,to the velvety mound of hair,guarding the sacred
place...pleasures abyss.
Back presses against the cold glass,sweat beads along my
body,wetting my lover.A finger invades the moist
fold ,caressing with even strokes,teasingly a thumb bumps
against the hardend pleasure core.The sound of soaked skin
plays a rythmn in my ears.Body heat and hot breath steams
the cold glass fogging it.Sweat beads along our bodies like
irredescent pearls.Fingers press the inner sanctum,muscles
grasping,pulling,constricting the invading.
Head to one side and back,eyes in a sultry gaze.Teeth
biting lightly against a bottom lip.Bodies moving
quicker.Muscles clenching,holding tight..boisterous moans
fill the room.Mouths exploring the flesh.Writhing....hips
pressing forth for the final fury.Gaze to gaze watching the
beautiful movements of bodies in motion.Closer and closer
the fury builds and courses.
Stomachs quiver,eyes locked.The soft hum from the inner
sanctum,plying on ,small pants build to primal screams.The
soft hums become rapturous.The sweet surrender soakes my
hand,hot and warm.Collapsing breathlessly to my
lover...holding,touching ,feeling.Sweet soft kisses as my
lover,tastes the sweet juices.One last kiss...lips press
against the glass,kissing the only person capable of loving
me ...of satiating my desires..my passions.....in the
mirror, stares my own reflection...........(a narcisst

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