Realizations of a 24yr old convict
2001-10-14 08:15:59 (UTC)


About money I guess!!!
How to start this.yes I am obcessed with the cash flow.
But not such a greedy bastard as I am preceved by the girls
I date or the people who know me sorta. Alls youngsters
really looking for is a nice lap top and a hammock travel
from Island to Island the one thing I know is that life
really is about the feeling of it and really nothing more.
But its also about responcibiliy my family my neice the
poeple I surround my self with they all need to be taken
care of and its all good to bounce tomarro but whos looking
out then. And with the cash backing to suport them Ill be
gone like the wind doing my life the poeple seeing how
everyone else lives actully having time to read a book and
so on. But I couldnt do it as a bum just couldnt and leave
everyone else here to fend for themselfs and what does it
lead to in 10 years you know somday I will really wanna
marry danny and I know shes not capitailist as me but you
know she deserves more then sweating bills and house in the
burbs everything taken care of for her thats what she
deservese fun and love and security shes got all that
Listening to the Mike Ness solo album love it With a name
like CHEATING AT SOLITAIRE how can you go wrong!!!
its not all selfless though please dont belive that money
buys feelings also strange and all you fucking never mind.
Chalenge it as you may there is some underling truth to it.
the view off the Ifel tower the coast of austraila these
thing shure washing dishes and husteling from job to job on
your way will get you there but not as quick as cash money
and you know if I had a hamock and a nice lap top I could
just hitch hike from Island to Island get jobs tending bar
or hoisting sails and that life would be good but hey a
nice boat and some bar money would be better.
Thats it for now
with love and respect