2001-10-14 07:55:19 (UTC)

1: Gay People

well... about a month or so ago i discovered i was gay...
well bi-sexual anyway... it didnt REALLY hit me till about
a week ago... all this stuff i had done had finally made
sense... and its really messing with me... its so damn
confusing sometimes i want to cry. sometimes i want to
escape and run away but theres nowhere to go. oh well...
somehow ill have to get used to it... and maybe eventually
ill tell my family and friends... i dont know how they'll
react and i dont want to scare them... i dont want to
alienate my friends and freak them out at all... and im
afraid what my family will say... most of them are kind of
uptight conservative christians... witch is cool and all
but i dont know what they'll think about that... im really
scared and i wish i had someone who was gay or bi-sexual to
talk to... someone who would better understand...