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2001-10-14 03:24:06 (UTC)

From Thursday to Saturday night

I worked so much these days. Walked on hills and down streets. In a holliday I worked in a course. I lent a book
to a candidate for teacher in public school. In my school
there is public schools. The teacher was happy because of
I guess my friend Mel and Carol is travelling in some beach.
I just had seen Mimi and her little sister were going to
I knew two new neighbours in my home town. And I have just
told them who are my false friends. It will make the
things more true. If I wanted a social life I need to
apart people in friends and false friends. To be friend
of every people will make me without real friends near from
I'm smelting some citric fruit. Maybe watermelon : )
Tomorrow will be better than today. I had known the lyric
of a midi song I heard for three years. The book of days by
Enya. Maybe things would be a good play in this diary.

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