lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-14 06:24:05 (UTC)

i have a new movie out. here it is. well not all of it

haha that makes me laugh. oh wait. nobody gets it. well
it's still funny.

mm i'm tired. i slept in until 10:45 today, which was
pretty darn good. then i ate breakfast, cleaned my room,
did laundry, etc...which took like a few hours for whatever
reason. then i ate lunch and my dad took me to go look at
mustangs. haha he's either getting a mitsu galant or a
mustang convertible. man it cracks me up to think that i
might get to drive a mustang convertible around. i better
not count my puppies before they poo, though, cuz ya never

and then i came home and meghan wanted me to go visit her
while she was watching the cutest kids ever, and those boys
are so sweet. that's why i want little boys. they will be
sooo precious, ok? yeah.

then mal and meg came over and we watched she's all that
and animal attacks and the mrs. america pageant (lobster
lady!!!). oh it was all rad.

and now i'm sitting here thinking about romance and cool
stuff and realizing that i don't think i know any romance-
worthy guys. i mean, i live in a horribly idealistic, 40's
love story movie dream world...but i don't know any guy
that would ever be romantic towards someone like me. that
kinda scares me.

like obviously at my age romance isn't and shouldn't be my
main concern. but i'm scared that the only romance i'll
ever have will be some lame, half-appled attempt of some
loser guy or something like that. i don't know...i guess i
don't think i deserve some knight in shining armor, even
though that's what i've always dreamt about. hmmm...