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2001-10-14 06:20:14 (UTC)


Dood I don't get it. Why do things always have to be so
complicated. I did a lot of things to make me like myself
better and I do, I just wish that everyone else would like
me more too. Doens't that sound kinda weird well yea it
does but you know... What is it that I do that makes me so
icky to guys? i mean its not like im totally icky you know?
Its just dumb I'm so sick of thinking about it and I know
if I just didn't worry about it then something would
happen. I can't seem to get Jason out of my head though. I
should be really mad cuase he hasn't called me back at all
you know? but I worry that everything isn't ok for him and
I know he is having a lot of struggles with life and school
right now but why can't he just see that I will be here for
him but all he has to do is make an effort. Dumb