a place to rant n rave 'bout my life
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2001-10-14 06:12:37 (UTC)

what to do when one is bored..

i definately have too much time on my
hands today. damn sundays. i hate sundays. thank god for
stereo or i would be bored shitless right now.
i cannot wait til i get my gemini on the road. need more
things to do to stop thinkin 'bout all the shit that is
goin on 'round me. sometimes i wonder what is the point
anymore. those are the bad days. then there are the days i
am thankful for everything i do have.
though i do still want to kick my ex-bf's ass for the shit
he pulled on a few weeks back.. grrr.. oh well... what
goes 'round will come 'round back to him .. i hope..


i just found this really cool site. hehe.. now dont piss this lil
person off in a great hurry.. hehe Behind Enemy Lines
damn spammers!

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