Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-10-14 06:00:04 (UTC)

Today.... Great!!

I went to lunch with the parents, by the lake, that was
fun. then we drove the mom to work, and after, me and the
dad came home to get the emily's number and change my
shirt, cause i was hot, and then I went to darrens to watch
a movie, and after... "questing" (inside joke) and then his
mom told me to stay for dinner, so i did, and was late
getting to em's, though, i could have been on time, but i
wanted to talk with darren, and i was happy to, much rather
talk with darren then be talked to about adam. I really
like darren. How early is (on a tangent here) is too early
to say i love you? Em was saying that her and adam said it
after a month, but in most my relationships i said it
really soon, but with darren it is different, i do love
him, i am just not wanting to be hurt, and i dont want to
hurt him... i feel that we really have something, because i
feel this way about him, but maybe its me... i am just
happy that we can talk and have something to talk about,
and that i can spend time with him, and that i can see him
between classes, and last night, he called me cause we
didnt see eachother after school, i really care for him,
and i am happy with him, normally i point out every flaw,
but this time, i dont, i dont really see any, and if or
when i do i dont think i will let them pester me... i am so
happy. i got to hang with david tonight, me and emily and
david hung then we went to chris' house, and there we did
questing__________ (nother inside joke) darren darren
darren, how sad am i? i really do like him. if i said i
love you and he didnt say anything would that be bad?
should i feel bad if he didnt say it back? well ta ta for

Vicki, happy Vicki

ps- darren darren darren