Electric monkey
2001-10-14 05:23:10 (UTC)

10-13-01 [movie and dinner]

Jessica ended up coming over as soon as i was done writing
the last journal on here. so i did end up doing something.
she came over and we watched a shirly temple movie thing or
whatever... uh... then we sat around untill about 6:30pm.
where we went to Trojan Horse. wanting to eat dinner but it
turned out we didnt ahve enough time to eat there so we
payed for our drinks and left to make it to the movie
theatre on time... we saw corky Romano. it was funny.
graham was also there. then afterwords we went to taco bell
and met david there. hehe.. so we ate at taco bell. wow.
then jessica had to go so we sat in the parking lot of
goodwill. that was tons of fun... heh heh. =P
well, yeah.. ok i dont have anything to say again. im going
to go write in me and jessicas notebook/journal thing. yay.