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2001-10-14 04:47:14 (UTC)


Well guys, I really don't like people my age. I'd be very
content as a 25 year old woman. They're way too immature
and are obsessed with sex, alcohol, and "being accepted"...
i mean those r great things but no need to let them
completely consume your life. And the whole "fitting in"
"being accepted" shit is just a total waste of time. I'm not
gonna lie and say i dont make fun of people... i do it quite
frequently, but not to in the sense that i am better than
them in any way. I see those (honestly) butt-ugly girls who
mask themselves in make-up (not to say i dont like to put
some on) and wear those clothes that just accentuate their
fat asses, making fun of people or just having that certain
"way" about them that makes me SICK!!! i hope they realize
that all this trying hard to be "coool" now is only screwing
them for the future in which they will be nothing. Or maybe
theyll meet a man as shallow as them and be happy til the
divorce. Then there r the sluts. These are the girls with
so many insecurities its not even funny. And i'm not just
stereotyping, ive noticed. Some of em don't even realize
that the only reason they get guys is cuz theyre easy... HA!
Wait til they want a real relationship. And it's even worse
when they are literally all over every guy in a ditzy way,
especially when theyre gross. I HATE GIRLS! i think thats
my problem. If you're female and btwn the ages of 12-19
OOOO get the hellll away from me!!! And if ure kinda a
feminine guy (and i dont necessarily mean gay) back off.
Ewww especially if u're one of those guys who try to act all
cool around other guys so that u're accepted and more
"popular" It's totally NOT cool. PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO STOP
TRYING TO BE WHAT THEY'RE NOT! especially since it's sooo
obvious that they're fake. Wow, i'm really writing a lot. I
just feel misunderstood cuz im not like them. I'm not like
everyone else, and that is some sort of crime around here.
All those kids who say theyre not like everyone and dress
differently r just like all the other kids that dress weird
and try to make statements. No statements need to be made,
either ur different or ur not, no need to prove that its
almost being hypocritical. FUCK U ALL!!! god bless... (=

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