Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-14 04:26:42 (UTC)

This Is a Bunch of Stupid BULLSHIT.

I heard on CNN tonight that this guy, an Arab man from
Dallas, was going to fly first class on a plane. The pilot
escorted him off, saying that he and his staff weren't safe
flying him. THAT IS A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!!!!!!
I don't care if a group of Islamic terrorists commited this
crime. What if it had been a group of pissed off African
Americans? Or Asain Americans? Would we kick them off
almost every flight and racialy profile them? Well, guess
what. The sad thing is YES. And they feel it anyway, what
with white officers killing innocent black men just because
they're prejudice bastards.
Think about Timothy McVeigh (the fucking bastard). He was
white. He killed 16some people in Oklahoma City. But did
we become prejudice to ALL white Americans? HELL NO!!!!
Just because we are the majority.
Which brings me back to my original theme. THIS IS A BUNCH
It pisses me off that we as a country assume that all
Arabian Americans are out for our blood. THEY ARE FUCKING
I hate the prejudist bastards we are turning into.
I can say, for myself, that as a
German/British/Dutch/Scottish/Norweigan American, I AM NOT
PREJUDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm not talking for the
other millions and millions of people in this country. I'm
only 13, and I see more than most adults, at least that's
what people have told me.
Right now I am seriously mad at this country. It can just
go fuck itself.

Packers better not be prejudice.