Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-10-14 04:20:44 (UTC)

Here's how it went...

Ohio State game, Can't Hardly Wait, She's All That,
Halloween Town part 2... that's pretty much what my day
consisted of. A sucky ball game that we lost... and some
movies that I've seen about 5 times just in the past few
days. Apparently USA and the Disney Channel are the king
and queen of re-runs.. oh no wait a minute.. MTV is the
king.. I forgot.

So yeah.. that's pretty much it. My family was gone all
day.. once again... on a school trip. I was bored. Amy and
Becky didn't call me... oh well. I'm ok.

Tess and Jen come home next weekend.. and the Harding trip
is 4 weeks and counting... yay:)

Oh yeah.. I'm sorry Tess. Really. Things never turn out
like we expect them to. And there's more to come? We're
screwed:) haha... I luv u.. and everything will be ok!