The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-14 04:02:28 (UTC)

my baby's birthday

Some people buy birthday gifts for the birthday person. I
buy them for me. I love watching someone open someone open
a present that I got them, it's really good when they like
it, but giving something that I picked out makes me feel
good. Today is my baby's birthday, it is also the grand
ole opry's I think...The GOO got a much bigger cake. Lol.
I had a lot of birthday's to take care of this month. But
today was the most important. I didn't want to leave. He
was sleeping. It feels like I didn't get to say bye and
that I love him. I'm hoping he knows. I don't get to see
him for almost a week, that will drive me to a distraction
I'm sure. Now I have to go start working on my huge pile
of homework before my books start to eat me.... :(