My Life Story
2001-10-14 03:46:28 (UTC)


I had to work at the concession stand at the cross country
meet from 8-12 this morning. We had tables set up behind
the school which was fine until it started raining. We had
nothing to cover us or anything, so we all got soaked. It
wasn't very fun. When I got home my aunt took my cousin and
I shopping at the outlet mall. I got a couple shirts, but I
really didn't find too much. When I got home, I had an
email from J (who I had plans for this evening with) He
said that he was pretty busy and that he wouldn't be able
to go out till about 9 or 10. It wasn't exactly what I was
hoping to hear, but I cancelled my other plans for tonight
so I could make that work. Then, a little after 9, I got
online and was talking to him. I asked him how his day was
and he said that he had gone shopping and then went out to
dinner with his friend's girlfriend. Then, he said that he
had a lot of work he had to do at home and he was just too
tired to go out with me tonight. I was SO pissed. I
cancelled everything else I was supposed to do, to have him
cancel on me! Luckily, another one of my friends happened
to be online at the same time so I told him the whole story
and he cheered me up and made me feel a lot better. Thank
goodness for him! Well, that's really the extent of my day.
Not very exciting, so I'm gonna go. Later.

~Daria :)