My Love Life w/ Hannah
2001-10-14 03:31:19 (UTC)

#! The Revelation

Hey I finally found someone who feels almost the same way
that I do. Janet. Finally someone knows and understands how
I feel, and I still have all my pride. I've hidden my
feelings for Hannah for a long time. But I couldnt fool
myself into believing I don't love her. Thats the first
time I have ever used that word to describe my feelings for
Hannah, but its the only word that I know fits. I strived
to have a relationship identical to the one Janet and Tyler
had, but hannah just isnt that type of person. I was
disapointed, But I was happier than I ever was in my life.
I know right now she has no clue how I feel for her. Would
she understand, would it matter? Right now other than my
longing for Hannah, I am also in astonshiment of how much
Janet and I have in common. How our situation and positions
are very very similar and close. It is also strange how
close Hannah and Tyler are in some respects. The
relationship between hannah and I wasnt anything near to
what Janet and Tyler's was, But I wanted it to be that
close. I would give anything to have her back. I liked her for so
long. Its getting close to a year, Ironically the same length of time
I have known Janet. After Hannah broke up with me it killed me to see
her. It killed me at the movies more than anything. The memories of
Hannah and what has happened and involved her are still very vivid to
me. I silently hope something can happen between us, next year, when
she is in the same school as me. Im not sure how I am going to react
when she is around another guy..It sort of scares me. Another thing
that hurts me is her lack of consistency of how she acts towards me.
Occasionally she is nice and will talk. Other times she doesnt talk
at all. Others she is rude and nasty. A lot of times I don't know
what to think. Will Right Back soon