F*cked Up Thoughts
2001-10-14 03:16:08 (UTC)

i thought i'd reminisce about the past......................

Anyways, its me again. yea, like the title says "i
thought i'd like to reminisce about the past". today, i
think i'll reminisce about a certain event that happened
this summer.

so anyways, it was around the middle of June, i was
looking for a summer job. every year, there's a fair in our
town, and i decided i would sing up to work. so i got a
call back asking what days i wanted to workand that there
wasa meeting the day before. i worked every single day that
lady offered me to work, just so that i would have a lot of
money. so anyways, i went to the meeting, i saw a whole
bunch of ppl that absolutely didn't like. actually there
were a couple of good-looking guys that i absolutely didn't
have a fuckin' problem with :P. i found out that i got paid
8 bucks an hour!! that's pretty fuckin' good for a student.
then i realized we were picking up ppl's garbage. can we
say fuckin' gross??

the first day(wednesday) wasn't all that bad, i was working
with 2 ppl a year younger than me. and they were actually
nice. we ended up painting and doing shit like set-up.
during break, we all sat out in the lobby, and the rest of
the city workers were there. omg, some of them were fuckin'
good lookin'. that was probably the first time i saw colin.
but before him, i saw this adorable guy with a cute lisp.
aw, he was such a cutie, but he was probably well into his
30's. hahaha, i find a lot of 30 year old guys hot.

i think it was on thursday, i had to work a 16 hour
shift!!! jesus christ, that was fuckin' horrid on my feet.
the second shift ppl were all "you've been here since 8
am?!?!" but i put up with it, i ended up with several
fuckin' blisters on my hands. u should have seen one of the
roadies, mm-mm good. lol, but this guy was in his early
20's so it was ok, lol.

on friday, i got to work the second shift, i was the only
chick but the guys i had to work with were fuckin' funny
and good lookin' :). i got called "slacker" a lot though.
when u work the second shift, u get to have a lot more
breaks since u only have a supervisor and not ur boss. so i
took off a lot, but ended up working more than anyone else.
i remember looking for one of the guys cuz the sewage man
was there. and when i was running back, some old carnie was
practically hitting on me. he thought my name was Kit cuz i
had someone else's work gloves. fuck that was gross. i ran
off after that.

saturday, ah, saturday. that was one of my favourite days
working. i worked the second shift again, when i got to
work and punched in, there i saw Colin :). i didn't think
much of him at first, u know, i thought he was cute. i,
once again, was the only chick working with the guys. that
very day, Nazareth was going to be in the arena for the
fair's social. so the guys got to take out Nazareth's
equipment while i had to go sweep the stands. that sucked,
until i switched to stacking away the chairs with Colin.
lol. he looked like a total asshole at first. but i didn't
care at the time, so we all had to set up for the social
and shit, that took forever. we all had dinner break, and
that was when Colin asked me to go to bathroom clean-up
with him :). we got to know each other a lot more. he is
such a sweet guy. i guess there was a broken paper towel
dispenser in the ladies bathroom, so i told him ot go in
there to fix it while i guarded the door. but i couldn't
stop all these old ladies from entering the bathroom. he
ended up getting all red, he's so cute when he's red. such
a sweet guy. we kept on cleaning the bathrooms and talking
about stuff. u have no idea how much i loved that guy
already. we went to go have a break, and ended up seeing
the rest of the workers not working and just sitting
around. can we say lazy asses?? anyways, i was realy
thirsty and decided to go to the hospitality room and
getting a drink. i actually had to ask for drink, but the
head dude their said i could anything i wanted sinc ei was
the only hard worker. there at the bottom of the cooler was
beer, good beer. so i first grabbed an apple juice, than
while the dude wasn't looking i grabbed a couple of beers.
once i got to the staff room, the guys were all "how the
hell did u get fuckin' beer??" lol. i told him the dude
said i could have anything i wanted since i was the only
hard worker. ha ha ha. after that, colin wanted me to go
and clean the other arena with him. so we went, and were
cleaning the tables and sweeping while listening to
Nazareth play in the next arena. after cleaning the last
table, i noticed the cleaning squirt bottles squirted real
far, and he realized that too. so we had a fun water
fight :). he ended up shooting me in the head, and then
showing me he could shoot real far. so i grabbed the
garbage cart, and pushed into the rink room, then he asked
me if i had my driver's license. then i said "i have my
learner's", then he said "i can tell" and laughed. lol.
right after that i had to call me house and see if anyone
was up to pick me up from work. Colin offered me a ride,
but then they needed ppl to help load on Nazareth's equip.
on their trailer so i had to stay. plus i didnt want ruin
colin's plan of going to the rest of midway madness. that
sucked. but at least i was 3 feet away from Nazareth!!!!
they even pointed at me!!! least i thought they
pointed at me.

then sunday was boring.

then on monday, it was take-down time.

then tuesday, was boring, we had to clean for graduation
that very day. i guess me and this other guy had to mop the
hallways, and i called the guy a fuckin asshole, cuz he was
doing some fucked up shit. then out of nowhere Colin pops
his head out the door and says with a cute smile on his
face "that definitely wasn't me", i smiled back. and yup
that was it.

well that was me fuckin' reminiscing about the