random mumblings
2001-10-14 03:12:51 (UTC)


so i told my friend vicki about this email i wrote and my
email buddy sarah and they both agreed that i shouldn't
have sent it...vicki even went so far as to advise me to
read my emails over 10 times before i send them or to mail
them to her first. there's no point repeating it all but
we're on speaking terms i guess :) this was the most
interesting point i thought

writing that uncalled for email and that you were a little

I wasn't upset with you. It was totally called for. I was
upset with me and at how you seemed to harbor no hard
feelings towards Pat. He's a smooth talker and he talked me
into a few things that maybe, had i been a little more self
confident, I wouldn't have fallen for. I realize you're
close friends, but he said some stuff about you and kevin
that if i was in your position, I would reconsider that
friendship, but that's your business.
i'm tempted to try and dig what he said out of her, but
there's no point...anyways i'm going to bed

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