Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-14 02:54:48 (UTC)

talk talk talk.....

hey, i dont really know what to talk about so i'll just
pick a topic. hmmmmmmmmm...music! I love music, i listen to
it to drowen out the voices. i think i'm crazy to be
hearing voices in my head. i'm not gonna tell anyone though
cuz i really dont wanna go to a therapist. they bite!!! so
anyway, i only here them when there is silence i hate
silece. so i try to listen to music. i like rap, a litle
pop, heavy metal, rock...ect...I love linkin park, they
have to be one of my fave bands is Linkin Park. they rock!
i love there cd. i dont think they get enough credit as
they should cuz there so good. same with Stained, there
lyrics r so....meaningfull. anyway, i never like silence,
never, even when i hav a headache, or i'm not feelin good,
i never wanna here those voises. they try to tell me how to
run my life. i never "obay them" though. because i dont
trust them. they'll make me do something bad, i know it.
but for now i try to ignor them. i know one day they'll
catch up to me but i hope it's not anytime soon, gtg

current music: Limp Bizket-"Boiler"