The life and times
2001-10-14 02:51:50 (UTC)

My Joyous day

ARRRRGGG, okay so I spend all day waiting for this one girl
to call me. SHe said she wanted to go to the Ballet and I
happened to have another ticket cause the girl I wanted to
go with couldnt make it. So like the nice guy that I am I
said I would give her my ticket.Of course I ended up
sitting on my ass waiting for her to call and she didnt.
Why are so many people unreliable? I mean sometimes they
have an excuse but most the time they dont. People just
piss me off.
Ok another thing that bothers me is this whole terrorism
thing. I dont think people realize what kind of
ramifications it could have. I mean first of all, it
brought down our economy at least temporarily and it will
be awhile before it recovers, and it has struck fear in the
hearts of everyone in the western world and beyond. If and
all and out war broke out, no one would be safe, especially
men cause they could reinact the draft. Now a lot of you
are probably saying that hey if we go to college we dont
have to go to war. Well if the government is desperate
enough they will call you in. Think about it, most of us
depend on grants and loans from the government, should they
decide to take that money and put it toward the military,
what else would men be able to do. NObody is safe from
it.Americans have to face two wars, the one on terrorism,
and the one against our governement. SUre the one against
our government wont be a violent one, but they hide
everything they do from us. Do you ever wonder why every
other country hates us? It cant be just because of
jealousy. THere is no telling what are government is doing
to those people. I am not trying to defend what the
terrorist did, but I am saying we should look at the root
of the evil and I am sure we will find our government.
Another thing that boggles my mind is us trying to kill
Osama Bin Laden. If the terrorist attacks taught us
anything its that they dont care about their own lives, let
alone someone elses. SO why are we trying to kill him, if
he doesnt care about death. I say we capture him, and make
him suffer hell on earth and then when he does die he'll go
to the real hell.I dunno, its all politics and we cant do a
damn thing about it.