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2001-10-14 02:44:39 (UTC)

Accidental Date

So Eric and I went on a date tonight. Neither of us
realized we were going on a date. And it wasn't actually
our date. Mainly because Justin is smoking ssssooooooo
much crack. Basically what happened was that Eric called
me this afternoon after the SAT an told me that he and
Justin and maybe a coupla other ppl were going to the
movies and whatnot tonight, and I said okay, so Eric picks
me up later, and we go over to Zaxby's first, cuz Eric is
obsessed with Zaxby's, and then we went over to the movie
theatre to meet Justin and his friend. So Justin and Megan
show up, and Justin goes over to the ticket place, cuz he
used to work there, and he got us in for free. Megan says
a coupla things to us, then shes like "I'd better go find
my man", and Eric and I just look at each other. And he
had his arm around her while they were buying food and
stuff... so Eric and I are just going "Uh-huh..." cuz
Justin never really bothered to mention that. But we had
fun... we were placing bets on how long it would be before
they were making out. We were cracking up during the whole
movie (we saw "Don't Say A Word", which was pretty good, if
you can get past the confusion, and suspend reality a
little)... I totally won on slam points. But the really
funny thing was when we called Amy after the movie, and
jokingly we told her that we had gone on a date, and then
clarified that is wasn't OUR date. She thought that it was
really funny, so she told everyone that was online that we
had gone on a date, including, but not limited to: his ex-
gf, the girl that used to have a huge crush on him, and the
boy that still does have a huge crush on me. Then her comp
logged her off, and she couldn't get back on. And we were
talking to Cami while we were in the parking lot of
Borders, and she had to make the comment "'Parking' on the
first date?? You're so naughty"

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