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2001-10-14 02:44:24 (UTC)


There is a thousand words that I could say
But none of them would make you want me
If there is something I could do to be with you
Would you tell me cause I am willing
Hurt is the only thing you are going to give me
But why do I let you have control
I understand I am not what you are looking for
But you must understand I was at one time
Maybe cause we were each others first
In my mind we were supposed to stay together
In you mind you had a different scenario
I wish you would of let me know you had different plans
So I could at least tell my heart not to fall for you
How could I be so crazy for you and not realize the nothing
you felt for me
I am the one that is supposed to be in control here not you
My heart breaks a little more every time I see you
Knowing I can not be with you
Only because you do not want me
When will I get over you and our past
I need to regain control, or what is to say about my future
with others
I have to find some kind of release from you
But I feel have done all I could do, I need you to tell
Me why we will not work now, for I know why we
didn稚 work in the past
I was young
You were young
All that has changed now cause I seen you grow as a man and
I have grown into a woman....?

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