A Rubic's cube and a Ball of Yarn
2001-10-14 02:25:56 (UTC)

Ham? Burger? Ahhhh Pandemonium!

So...Its been a long long week. And a short weekend. Not a
good mix.

I went to Lancaster with Christine today. It was sooo fun.
I just cracked up the whole time. She got a homecoming
dress. I was supposed to hang out with Mandy and Shannon,
but I didnt get home till 9.

I havent seen Matt for a whole week, and I wont see him
till next weekend anyway. Things are weird between us, I
dont know how to explain. OK, so maybe I do. Hes busy. I'm
busy. I dont have a car yet. I work Fridays and Sundays,
and I'm only free on saturdays. and what does he do? Doesnt
ask if I wanna hang out, and I feel like it doesnt want me
to cause he always wants to drink. Then he asked today if I
could hang out...but I went to Lancaster. Ugh, I dont know.
Its werid, it bothers me, I dont know whats going on.

Lets backtrack

Friday night was work. My bro stopped in, and I hung out
with him afterwards. Went to the mall. Talked for a little.
It was fun. I used to not like my brother, now hes ok cause
we dont live in the same house, ha.

Thursday I went shopping with Shannon and I bought a Mango
for Matt and went all the way to Newark to bring it to him
and HE WASNT THERE! So, I talked to Paul and got lost
leaving. All that hassle for matt, and he didnt even seem
to appreciate it.

Learned this really sweet dance for musical. Its awesome!
AND I rock!

Something happened between Molly and Dan tonight.
Apparently Dan kept "teasing" molly about having sex. She
got annoyed cause she kinda self-concious. He just kept
mentioning it and when he left to say goodbye she cried.
She never cries in front of guys, just like me. He said
sorry a thousaand times. but things are awkward and their 6
month anniversary is soon. I feel helpless. what to say?
what to do? nothing.

I'm off to do homework