The Writings of Me
2001-10-14 01:56:51 (UTC)


Hi everyone! This is my first online journal, and I hope to
make it as interesting as possible for everyone who reads
it. My name is Sarah, I'm 13 and I like to do a lot of
stuff. So...I guess I'll start writing about my day now.
Today was just a normal saturday...except I had to catch up
on some school, which I hate to do on saturdays. Saturday is
my day to do NOTHING, after all the busyness of the week,
its enjoyable to do nothing. Once the dreaded schoolwork is
done though, you can enjoy a saturday better because you
don't have it pesturing you at the back of your mind. This
morning I went to a craft show and a lady had the prettiest
silver and glass bead jewelry. My aunt has a little
novelty/antique shop and she makes those and sells them...I
think I might start making them and then see if she will
sell them in her shop. The only problem is I don't know
where to get the beads. I'll find then somewhere, everybody
else does. Only two more days until my Cello gets here!!
I am so excited about learning how to play the Cello. I
rented one from an out of state music store so they have to
mail it to me...I'm glad I'll have it before I go to my
violin lesson Thursday. My teacher can show me how to start.
Hmm...well I guess thats all I have to say for now. I'm sure
you are bored out of your head from this entry. Tomorrow
might be a bit more interesting.